A visionary Leadership Team whose gaze was set to make the customers’ life easier from day one is what most successful companies have in common. By anticipating their customers’ needs every step of the way and implementing this mindset across the company, these companies create a sustainable level of customer loyalty. These companies don’t need a Chief Customer Officer.

Tiffany Taxi NYC. Artist: Frederica Masini www.artpal.com/fredericamasini

Sometimes not every department’s priority is to work actively towards increasing the customer’s lifespan. Then there’s a constant struggle for most companies to remind everybody how important this is. This is where a Chief Customer Officer might step in. A CCO…

Now that many of us became Customer Service Agents …

With COVID-19 many of us have gotten an unexpected taste of what the daily life of a customer service agent is really like. You hardly engage with your colleagues since you are constantly focused on your own correspondence via phone, video, email or chat. Fifty contacts a day have become your standard? For a Customer Service Agent this is an average day.

Mixed feelings. Mona Lisa through the filter of someone else’s lense. Louvre, Paris

Along with very little breaks

Many professions are exhausting, but most of the time, you have your team to chat with here and there plus lunch breaks to get some air. Chatting with colleagues in the office kitchen…

Many of our everyday tasks have been digitized to our convenience and can seemingly be accomplished with the blink of an eye and few clicks. But do tech companies actually have our best interests at heart? Are they always serving us to save time?

Minimalism. Artist: Paetrick Schmidt

Our need for convenience already began with the industrialisation and snowballed in the past decades, hand in hand with a more complex lifestyle most of us live. Frozen meals were invented because women entered the workforce and there was no one at home to cook dinner. Today we order those ready-meals online and then delivered straight…

What matters most in all our lives? True relationships. If only companies could create this feeling for customers and employees.

Street Art Le Marais Paris

Having a sense of stability, building human connections, having relationships, friendships, experience love, trust and appreciation. In the end, it is all about being seen as a unique person. If only companies could create this feeling for customers.

Digital Transformation is a buzz phrase, agreed! — But there is something to it

Not only companies are transforming. Customers and employees are transforming, too. We are in the first generation of mobility customers, online food ordering or fin-tech. There are new…

Thinking back 20 years ago, customer’s satisfaction were the reason online marketplaces existed. But meanwhile many of them have become overly dependent upon conversion rates while their customers have taken a backseat.

Everything was easy, fun, transparent and comparable; from travel and books to clothing, food, and electronics to real estate. Quality and prices were carefully checked while the focus was on offering the best product for a particular vertical.

But now…phew!

Some marketplaces have become stressors. Customers search endlessly and spend their valuable time to find the right product or service. …

Auszug aus Machbarkeitsstudie von Dr. Gerwin Zeibig

It’s been a couple of years but it’s still up to date. I commissioned a study on the feasibility of a 4-day week in Customer Service Departments.

“Could a 4-day workweek with full pay compensation be on some employers’ agenda?”

I am well aware that it’s a bold statement to put forward. But Is it really 20% more costs or might we see a progressive shift in the company’s productivity.

Find out in the study. Download on my website: beissner.eu

- Wochenarbeitszeit ist seit Mitte der 90iger gleichbleibend
- Lebensarbeitszeit ist seit Jahren ebenfalls…

Artist Andrea Cook

Time and again we read headlines like “New York Stock Exchange gets its first female president“ NBC News, „New York Stock Exchange appoints first female leader“ BBC News, or “Meet the first woman to lead the NYSE in 226 years“ — ABC News. First, I was really happy to read this. Out of solidarity. And from female to female. But then, I read a comment posted by a user: “Wouldn’t it be better to say Stacey Cunningham instead of the first woman?”

That’s a really good point and I am still not sure if it is a good or bad…

I was wondering…

Is it possible to attract employees through food? … Absolutely!

With Generation Z entering the workplace now free food is the trend perk to attract employees. Nothing can be more appealing than a healthy, enjoyable, collaborative, and vibrant work environment. Food can play an influential role.

And what I realized more importantly is that employers must offer free food. For better workplace culture. For health.

Great leaders prioritize healthy food for their teams.

Isn’t health one of the most important aspects that require attention in almost every workplace? Not because healthy employees are directly proportional to improved…

I don’t hear it very often when people admit to loving their jobs more than anything, so much so that they work 7 days of a week. I am one of those few enthusiasts who are alright with being in the office throughout the week with a smile. The love for my job never agitated me to put in the extra work and that’s why I never felt the need to divide my work-life from my private one. I feel blessed to have the freedom and the opportunity to work creatively. But is everyone so much in love with their…

Employee retention is every employer’s dream especially if the team is motivated, productive and loyal. However, many a times we hear about people leaving their jobs and choosing to quit despite being associated with a mainstream, bigwig organization. Why is that so? Why do people decide to quite when they are part of a prestigious organization?

The reason is workplace environment and leadership philosophy that employers (or managers) adopt. According to a Gallup survey involving responses from over a million working professionals in the US, the boss or the leader turned out to be the number one reason for which…

Carmen Beissner

Global Operations

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