1. Rightsizing

Carmen Beissner
2 min readNov 24, 2022
  • It is very likely that you don’t use all your licenses. People come and go. Offboarding sometimes becomes just deactivation and this costs you.
  • Some people / departments claim they need a license but they don’t in reality (legal teams, QA, finance, management)
  • Look into the setup. Is it “named” user vs “concurrent” user (concurrent means a group licenses setup. So you only count the total number of users who are CONNECTED at the same time). If you are a concurrent user – look into the maximum need and ramp down to this. You can often always increase incrementally
  • Whenever your renewal is due, look into other options and prices. Though it is not likely that you will switch systems because this would take a year to be fully operational on a new system.
  • Btw also look into the roles and limit the administrator roles

2. The success manager’s duty

  • The supplier’s account- or success manager’s duty is that they look after your plans so that you don’t overpay but that you have exactly the right amount of licenses that you need
  • Review the rightsizing every 6 months with the account manager.
  • Ask your account manager to inform you about migration opportunities proactively to their latest version that they offer for new customers.
  • Ask the supplier if they can ramp down licenses that you don’t use / were over-selled.

3. System Efficiency

  • Sales, marketing, and customer support should be working on one integrated system
  • Is all communication across channels (chat, mail, phone, whatsapp, app, bot, text, etc) integrated so that representatives don’t need to switch systems but have an omni channel setup.
  • Can representatives see all necessary extra information to answer the customer in one contact but also peripheral information such as dunning, last time active, NPS score, all marketing comms, etc.)
  • Implement standard reports and dashboards so that you can focus on the interpretation of customer insights rather doing the reporting